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The Java DOOCS Data Display is a program to draw control system panels with an editor and to run the created drawings with real data. Two versions of the program are available. One is the jdddEditor to draw and test the drawings. The second one is a run-time version only, which does not allow to change a drawing. The jdddEditor offers reusable Java components like labels, buttons, plots, etc. to draw control system panels. The panel structure is stored in xml-format either to a local file system  or to a subversion repository. 

For remote monitoring and expert assistance an HTML5 version of jddd is available. The MainTaskbars of XFEL, FLASH and SINBAD are accessible at   (needs a DESY account to be able to log in ...)


The Distributed Object-Oriented Control System - DOOCS - provides a versatile software framework for creating accelerator-based control system applications. These can range from monitoring simple temperature sensors up to high-level controls and feedbacks of beam parameters as required for complex accelerator operations.

DOOCS is based on an distributed client-server architecture combined with a device-oriented view. The devices are the basic entities and can be virtual i.e. implemented in software or real ones with hardware attached. Each control system parameter is made accessible via network calls through a device application.

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