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Questions to consider before the beamtime

Weeks before the actual beamtime the Usergroup should think about the needs for the experiment and get in contact to the DAQ / IT group at FLASH and define several boundary conditions:

  • What kind of data you want to record in the FLASH DAQ?
    • Several options of the photon diagnostic are available which are NOT operated as standard (VLS, OPIS, ... see Photon Diag pages
    • What kind of ADC is the best one for you? Are amplifiers needed? what sample rate, how many channels ...
    • Cameras can be integrated in the FLASH DAQ system - talk to the experts (well in advance !) if you plan to use cameras.
    • For detector systems such as pnCCD imaging- detectors and ion/electron spectrometers available at the CAMP end-station please contact us to discuss your particular requirements (well in advance !).

  • Do you have own detectors to be recorded ?
    • It has to be checked that they can be stored on the FLASH data storage (gpfs)
    • They could probably be included in the FLASH DAQ system - _this needs sufficient lead time. Talk several WEEKS before the beam time to the local contact / experts _

  • What parameters you need to monitor life during the beamtime?
    • how you plan to monitor the parameters (jDDD, Matlab, Python, Labview) ?
    • do you need online treatment of data ( averaging, integration of peaks ...) ?
    • do you have to control Hardware from FLASH ( e.g. delaylines ...). Do you need scans with online display ?

  • data analysis needs
    • Do you need nearOnline HDF5 files for your (semi-online) analysis during the beamtime.
    • Which parameters do you need for your (semi-online) analysis ?
    • how do you want to do analyze your data ? Can we find scripts from other users servering most of your needs?
    • How much computational power will the analysis need (can we use the analysis servers at the beamline or do we have to use more powerfull recources) ?

  • Data access after the beamtime:
    • data recorded with the FLASH DAQ will have to be moved to a long time (tape) storage few month after the beamtime. During / shortly after the beamtime it has to be decided where to put the data.

Pre and post beamtime questionnaires

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User experience feedback form

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