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Available SPEC motor names

 ‘stx’, ‘sty’, ‘stz’                                                    # sample tower translations, [mm]

‘styrot’, ‘stzrot’ (air-bearing stage)                      # sample tower rotations, [deg]

‘px’, ‘py’, ‘pz’                                                      # Sample fine translations (PI nanocube), [um]

‘pix’, ‘piy’, ‘piz’                                                    # Sample fine translations, [um]

'fy', 'fz'                                                               # piezo motors [um]

‘oavx’, ‘oavy’, ‘oavz’                                            # exit microscope translations [mm]

‘oavzoom’                                                          # zoom of exit microscope (a.u. 0, 10, 20, 30)

‘micx’, ‘micy’, ‘micz’                                             # inline microscope translations [mm]

'miclight'                                                            # power of illumination <0,1,2,3>

‘miczoom’                                                          # zoom of inline microscope (a.u. 0, 10, 20, 30)

‘bsy’, ‘bsz’                                                          # front beamstop stage translations [mm]

‘pody’, ‘podz’                                                      # waveguides ‘smarpod’ translations [mm]

‘apy’, ‘apz’                                                           # aperture translations [mm]

‘o1x’, ‘o1y’, ‘o1z’                                                 # ‘Takahashi’ 1st aperture translations [mm]

‘o2x’, ‘o2y’, ‘o2z’                                                 # ‘Takahashi’ 2nd aperture translations [mm]

'mdetx', ‘mdety’, ‘mdetz’                                       # detector horizontal and vertical translation in [mm]

‘kby’, ‘kbz’                                                          # KB table translations [mm]

‘kbyrot’, ‘kbzrot’                                                  # KB rotations [mrad]

‘oty1’, ‘oty2’, ‘otz1’, ‘otz2’, ‘otz3’                         # IDT optical table translations, [mm]

‘oty’, ‘otz’                                                           # IDT table translations (virtual motors), [mm]

‘otxrot’, ‘otyrot’, ‘otzrot’                                      # IDT table tilts (virtual motors), [deg]

‘skvg’, ‘skhg’, ‘skvo’, ‘skho’                                  # Horizontal and vertical gap and center offset for the slits in front of KB mirrors, [mm]

SPEC motor movement commands

> wm <motor>                                                                          # show motor position

> set <motor> <position>                                                       # set motor position

> mv <motor> <position>                                                       # move absolute

> mvr <motor> <position>                                                      # move relative

> umv <motor> <position>                                                      # move absolute and update positional chenge

> umvr <motor> <position>                                                     # move relative and update positional chenge

> set_lm <motor name> <position_min> <position_max>        # Set software limits

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