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Page reserved for Log and to collect the old DAQ and bookkeep the new DAQ, including both of hardware and software.

ROGUE Documentation!

A very well written for ROGUE developer see here:

New DAQ integration LOG

2019-06-18 Tue

  • Integrate RunControl from kpix to EUDAQ2;
  • Integrate KPiX Data stream with EUDAQ2 DataCollector;   

2018-12-12 Wed

  • EUDAQ2 branch created for KPiX DAQ python sector development:
  • The idea is:
    • Develop an EUDAQ Producer :
      • connector to the DesyTrackerRunControl class from $kpix-rogue/KpixDaq/_DesyTracker, to be able to control Start / Stop Running;
      • to find out how to change configuration / add configuration file from EUDAQ2 side.
    • Read again the Kpix-Rogue DAQ to find out where to get the data stream out to realize data merging / RX from EUDAQ2 side.

2018-12-04 Tue

  • aida2020-kpix1 : EUDAQ2 installed, testing its python implementation.

2018-11-30 Fri

-- aida2020-kpix1 office Yellow PC has upgraded to Ubuntu 18.04, with Rogue based KPiX DAQ installed/ tested;

  •  TO DO: update EUDAQ2, reinstall/ Test! and try python example as Yi suggested;  
  • Read through scripts/ from KPiX-Rogue DAQ to see how to integrate.

2018-11-29 Thu

-- fhltb24 shuttle PC has upgraded to Ubuntu 18.04, with Rogue based KPiX DAQ installed

-- Errors found, reported to Ben, found a version stable to use.

Quick working note Mengqing Wu

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