Bif is a modified mini-tlu ( with a custom firmware (

It provides 4 trigger inputs, but capability to store them all at once is limited. They all have to come within the same 25ns period.

  • Inputs are internally terminated (50 Ohm)
  • Logic level: Nim

Requires a gigabit ethernet! May fail to communicate over 100 MBit ethernet

The IP address is

Connection via "Frankenstein" cable

  • Frankenstein RJ45 goes to the RJ45 connector on the mezzanine
  • ground lemo cable needs to be attached to one of the inputs. The central signal pin is removed from this connector, therefore it can be used together with lemo-T splitter
  • Preferred trigger input is trigger 3.
  • clock pin need to be carefully inserted (see the right detail), red wire goes to the upper pin
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