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Title: Astroparticle Seminar  
Author: Stefan Klepser Mar 06, 2015 11:49
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    Page: All the Light There Ever Was
    Page: ALMA Software. Present Status and Future Developments.
    Page: Are you living inside a bubble? The answer from nearby pulsars
    Page: AT seminar 24.02.2017
    Page: AT Seminar - All-sky Medium Energy Gamma-ray Observatory (AMEGO): Extending Fermi-LAT Discoveries into MeV Gamma-ray Astronomy
    Page: AT Seminar - Analyzing diffuse gamma rays to understand the physics of cosmic-ray propagation
    Page: AT Seminar - Sterile neutrinos with IceCube Neutrino Observatory
    Page: AT Seminar - The state of the art in atmospheric lepton calculations
    Page: AT Seminar - The systematic search for gravitational wave sources using optical time domain surveys
    Page: Cosmic gamma-ray line astrophysics
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DESY Astroparticle Public Space (69)     Page: Blazars, the extragalactic background light, and 10+ years of VERITAS blazar observations
    Page: Multi-messenger particle astrophysics
    Page: "High-Energy Emission from a Magnetar Giant Flare in the Sculptor Galaxy," Nicola Omodei
    Page: AT seminar 24.02.2017
    Page: Constraining very-high-energy and optical emission of Fast Radio Bursts with IACTs.
    Page: Ultrahigh Energy Cosmic Rays and the Galactic Magnetic Field
    Page: Bohdan Artem, Collisionless high Mach shocks: PIC simulations vs in-situ measurements.
    Page: All the Light There Ever Was
    Page: High-energy emissions from neutron star mergers
    Page: AT Seminar - The state of the art in atmospheric lepton calculations
    Page: And then there was light: what makes astrophysical jets radiate?
    Page: Andrea Merloni, 12 Feb 2021, "New eyes on the X-ray sky: First Results from eROSITA on SRG"
    Page: Resolving the Crab Nebula in TeV gamma-rays with H.E.S.S.
    Page: Measurement of the Extragalactic Background Light using MAGIC and Fermi-LAT
    Page: Gravitino dark matter in astroparticle data
    Page: AT Seminar - Sterile neutrinos with IceCube Neutrino Observatory
    Page: Localizing Fast Radio Bursts and unveiling their extreme environments
    Page: Are you living inside a bubble? The answer from nearby pulsars
    Page: On the origin of gamma-rays in Blazars.
    Page: H0 from GW observations
    Page: Radio detection of cosmic rays
    Page: Bridging Cosmology with Astroparticle Physics via Gamma-gamma Interactions: Prospects for Forthcoming and Future Instrumentation
    Page: Messengers from Hidden Sources: Corona, Shock, and Turbulence
    Page: Probing quiescent black holes with tidal disruption events
    Page: Astrophysical vs. dark matter interpretations of gamma-ray observations in dwarf galaxies
    Page: AT Seminar - Probing Stellar Evolution, Dynamics, and Fundamental Physics with Millisecond Pulsar Binaries
    Page: Imre Bartos, Surprises in gravitational wave astrophysics
    Page: How cosmic rays shape galaxies
    Page: Climate Change and the Physics of the Ocean
    Page: The role of cosmic rays in the star formation process
    Page: Annual modulation searches for dark matter and the COSINUS experiment
    Page: Cross field transport of cosmic rays and Geminga’s TeV halo
    Page: Astroparticles from the extragalactic universe
    Page: Ultrahigh energy cosmic ray acceleration in radio galaxies
    Page: X-ray and Gamma-ray Polarimetry: A New Look at the High-Energy Universe
    Page: An extreme Galactic accelerator: HESS J1825-137 and the search for Galactic PeVatrons
    Page: Astroparticle Seminar
    Page: Mapping spacetime around supermassive black holes with gravitational waves
    Page: Direct measurement of stellar angular diameters with the VERITAS Cherenkov Telescopes
    Page: Dark Matter Searches with VERITAS
    Page: Modeling Blazar Jets with Particle Transport Methods
    Page: Probing the neutrino mass scale with KATRIN
    Page: Multimessenger observations of blazars
    Page: A HAWC view of the multi-TeV gamma-ray sky
    Page: Stellar Orbits and Infrared Flares at the Galactic Center
    Page: The multi-messenger picture of merging neutron stars
    Page: GW190814: An Unexpected Compact Binary Coalescence from the Mass Gap
    Page: Carolyn Kierans, The Compton Spectrometer and Imager (COSI): From Balloons to a Satellite
    Page: Ana Bonaca, 15 Jan
    Page: Finding and observing spider pulsars in gamma rays
    Page: Alberto Sesana, 09 Sep 2020
    Page: gPhoton: A Time Tagged Database of Calibrated GALEX UV Photon Events and the Science It Enables
    Page: The Galactic Center at very high energy with H.E.S.S.
    Page: The end of the cosmic-ray electron spectrum?
    Page: Mohamad Shalaby, Cosmic ray dynamical impacts and transport in stellar environments
    Page: Recent Results from HAWC
    Page: Modelling of gamma ray bursts and predictions for CTA observations
    Page: Brian Reville, Galactic sources of very high energy particles
    Page: High-energy neutrinos from blazar flares?
    Page: Christoph Pfrommer, Cosmic ray acceleration and transport
    Page: A Multi-Component Model for the Observed Astrophysical Neutrinos
    Page: Towards a unification of structure and kinematics of AGN jets with their non-thermal emission
    Page: Cosmic compass - First precise measurement of 3D sub-milliGauss magnetic field with atomic alignment
    Page: Dark Matter: where to search for it?
    Page: Journal Club
    Page: Multi-wavelength studies of interstellar shocks
    Page: Vandad Fallah Ramazani, two-component models of BL Lacs
    Page: Pushing the Energy and Cosmic Frontiers with High-Energy Astrophysical Neutrinos
    Page: Intra-night variability of Mrk421 during an extreme flare in 2013