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Pin #

! Count

without "I" !

Farbe FS Kabel

Farben nach DIN 47100

Used as / Function:

(Based on "DIS Sensors" 

"QG65-KD-....." with M12 connector)

Color for

"DIS Sensors"


AwhiteOutput Y    0,5-4,5Vwhite
BbrownSupply Voltage ( 8-30V) Try to use 12Vbrown
CgreenProgramming interface RS232 Rx
DyellowProgramming interface RS232 Tx
EgrayGND (PWR)blue
FpurpleCentering Input (GND orientated leave open)
GblueOutput X     0,5-4,5Vblack
HredShield of device
Jaddional GND to work without solder
short to "#E"  GND "Sig output"short to "#E"  GND "Sig output"
Kaddional GND to work without solder
short to "#E" GND  "RS232 and or Center"

MShield of cableShield of cable