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One can follow the CheckMATE instructions for the MG5 installation directly. However, in our projects, we need to simulate the process gg > H in the MSSM, which is not implemented in the standard MSSM model files of MG5 per default. A model implementation for this is the package aMCSusHi, which however requires a specific MG5 version (currently, version 2.4.3). Emanuele also has his own implementation of the process gg > H in the MSSM. NEED TO FIGURE OUT HOW TO SET THIS UP!

aMCSusHI : 

1. Make sure you've built sushi linked to feynhiggs

2. Setup ggH model (not accurate, but matrix elements will be overridden)

- go into MG5_aMC folder
> cd /path/to/MG5_aMC/MG5_aMC_v2_X_X

- start MG5_aMC by typing
> ./bin/mg5_aMC

- continue with the following steps:
MG5_aMC>import model heft-no_b_mass
MG5_aMC>define p = p b b~
MG5_aMC>generate p p > h [real=QCD]
MG5_aMC>output ggH

3. Install amcSUSHI

./ /usr/lib/mg5/ggH /usr/lib/feynhiggs/x86_64-Linux/lib64 /usr/lib/sushi/lib

4. Test that everything is working together:

inside the ggH directory : "./bin/generate_events" -> "[enter]" -> "[enter]"
Keep a close eye on the event generation process -> there are many different steps
and hopefully all complete without error.

[if you have issues relating to pyermm_ try:
a. edit the file ggh/MCatNLO/srcHerwig/madfks_hwdriver.f by adding the following at the end:

c dummy routines for stdhep
implicit none
integer MERR
write(*,*)'dummy PYERRM should never be called from HW6'

implicit none
integer KF,PYCOMP
write(*,*)'dummy PYCOMP should never be called from HW6'

from with fixed fortran code extracted from
newer MG versions under /templates/MCatNlo....


install pythia-pgs for pythia compatability - i.e. try and run:
./bin/<Mad graph> then do "install pythia-pgs"
otherwise manual install via

For learning to use MadGraph, there are useful tutorials on the web, e.g. by CMS (web link).