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For fun: You can also try this quiz.

  •  What is the heaviest particle in the Standard Model (SM)? How does it decay and what is its decay lifetime?
  •  What quarks are contained in the proton? What is the difference between valence quarks and sea quarks? What else is in the proton?
  •  The Higgs mechanism is responsible for the masses of the electroweak (EW) gauge bosons (W,Z) and the fermions. What are their masses, expressed in terms of their interaction strength with the Higgs boson?
  •  What is meant by integrated luminosity
    LaTeX Math Inline
    body\mathcal{L}_\text{int} = \int dt \mathcal{L}
    at the LHC? How do we calculate the number of events
    LaTeX Math Inline
     for a process with production cross section 
    LaTeX Math Inline
     and branching fraction 
    LaTeX Math Inline
  •  What is the dominant production mode for the Higgs boson at the LHC? For a mass of 125 GeV, what is the cross section (in pb) for 7, 8 and 13 TeV? (Tipp: see here)
  •  Which other Higgs production modes are relevant at the LHC? Find out the dominant five and look up their 13 TeV cross section.
  •  What are the dominant Higgs decay modes and their branching ratios? Can you explain why they appear in this order?
  •  Which Higgs decay modes were the most relevant for the LHC discovery in 2012, and why?
  •  Calculate the expected number of events for LHC at 13 TeV for 
    LaTeX Math Inline
    body\mathcal{L}_\text{int} = 100~\text{fb}^{-1}
     for Higgs production in gluon fusion, decaying to (a) two photons, (b) 4 leptons (i.e. electrons or muons) via ZZ, and (c) bb (use the numbers from previous questions!).