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All Higgs bosons have the property that their coupling strength is proportional to the mass (or Yukawa coupling) of the respective particle. Therefore, at the LHC, the most important particles to analyze in the context of Higgs physics are the massive one's, i.e. the W, Z bosons, and the third generation fermions (top and bottom quarks, tau leptons). One exception: The interaction of the Higgs bosons with the (massless) gluons and photons is also very relevant, as the LHC proton beams have a high density of gluons, and photons are experimentally a very clean to identify.

Searches for additional heavy neutral Higgs bosons mostly focus on final states with SM particles, most notably WW, ZZ, tau tau, t t and b b. In the MSSM, at moderately large values of tanß, the tau tau final state is usually the most important search channel.