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  • DetectorROIs: JSON dictionarywith  all Regions Of Interests ranges, e.g.
    {"pilatus_roi1": [[67195, 13173, 124277, 153145]], "pilatus_roi2":[[195305, 27865, 73455, 146125]], , "old_pilatus_roi":[[19, 27, 73, 146]]}
  • DetectorROIsValues: JSON dictionary with Regions Of Interests sums, e.g.
    {"pilatus_roi1": [816744940.0], "pilatus_roi2": [449408167.0]}}
  • DetectorROIsParams: JSON list of image transformations performed by lavue, e.g.
    ["transpose", "flip-left-right", "flip-up-down"]
  • DetectorROIsOrder: JSON list of ROI aliases representing they order, e.g.
    ["pilatus_roi1", "pilatus_roi2"]

The configuration of the tool can be set with a JSON dictionary passed in the  --tool-configuration  option in command line or a toolconfig variable of LavueController.LavueState with the following keys:

aliases (list of strings), rois_number (integer)


lavue -u roi --tool-configuration \{\"rois_number\":2,\"aliases\":[\"pilatus_roi1\",\"polatus_roi2\"]}