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  • Hidra - image from a Hidra server, e.g. Pilatus, Perkin Elmer
  • HTTP response - image from an http response, e.g. Eiger
  • Tango Attribute - image from a tango attribute, e.g. Lambda, PCO, AGIPD, Jungfrau or LimaCCDs detectors
  • Tango Events - image from a tango attribute passed via tango events, e.g. LimaCCDs detectors
  • Tango File - image defined by file and directory tango attributes, e.g. Pilatus w/o Hidra
  • DOOCS Property - image from a doocs property, e.g.  FLASH detectors
  • ZMQ Stream - image from a simple ZMQ server, e.g. lavuezmqstreamfromtango SERVER
  • Nexus File - image from a Nexus/Hdf5 file, e.g. written with SWMR
  • Tine Property - image from a tine property, e.g. bpm camera
  • Epics PV - images from a Epics Process Variables
  • Test - random test image

By enlarging a number of image sources in  the expert mode: