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Beamline preparation

Set mono to required energy and stabilize the beam (wait some time if energy moved a lot)

Use M1 and M2 to focus the beam (don't change mono pitch roll)

Focusing settings

Energy range (keV)angle (mrad)coating M1-M2radii M1, M2 (cm, km)
4-92.5 ?none - none10.9, 13.2
7-202.26 ?Rh - Rh9.9, 14.6
  •  Make reflectivity curve calculator (or take from P65)
  •  Calculate focus position depending on tilt and M2 radius

Use LM5, LM6 and LM7 to check the beam position and determine mirrors vertical position

Adjust from table and diamond window height  (depends on tilt, in theory it is = to M2 vertical position)

Install the beampipe

Check focus with X-ray eye (remove all LM monitors !)

Adjust M2 voltage according to X-Ray eye

Spectrometer preparation

Calculate spectrometer configuration

Install crystals

Set Sample - Crystals distance ( crystal X )

set Bragg angle (crystals theta = 90-calculated Bragg angle)

Use laser for detector positioning

Use metallic foil or reference compound to check emission on the detector

fine tune crystal focusing and Bragg angles with crystal X, Lambda X, Labmda Lambda theta and individual crystal actuators

Important information.

Mirror positions

MIRROR1horizontal (mm)vertical (mm)tilt offset (mrad)
Si cylinder+42.5+22.70.06
Si stripe+15+21.50
Pt stripe0+21.7-0.02
Rh stripe-15+21.5-0.055
Rh cylinder-42.5+22.55-0.16

MIRROR2horizontal (mm)
Si stripe+20
Pt stripe0
Rh stripe-20

Mirror2 vertical position: 1.833*2*tilt+monoOffset

monoOffset usually is 21.5, can be checked in atk panelv



python PEX &

Spectrometer alignment tool


moveall "move all" to improve the focusing : try in step +/-1mm

tilt +/-0.1 to move the spectrum up/down

bragg +/-0.1 to move the cutoff left/right