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KeyMeaningExampleGenerator meta key name
CEvent class (note 3)
process_type(note 3)
tProduction ID

TDirectory name for the production ID

jJob number

JSub directory name ( Job number / 1000 )

FFile type

BBase directory name

wEnergy for meta value

oMachine parameter such as "TDR_ws"

DUpper case Data type


  1. Beam polarization is given by a sign character, L for negative and R for plus, and a absolute polarization value by 2 digit % value, which is omitted if 100% polarization. If beam particle is photon, it's nature is given by B for beam-strahlung photon or W for Weizacker-Williams photon.  For example,
    • eR.pL : electron +100% and positron -100% polarization
    • eL80.pR30 : electron -80% and positron +30% polarization
    • eB.pR : beam strahlung photon from electron beam side and positron +100% polarization
  2. Following range of generator IDs are used for common samples depending on where sample is produced.
    • 0 < ID < 100000            : produced at SLAC
    • 100000 < ID < 200000  : produced at KEK
    • 200000 < ID < 300000  : produced at DESY
    • 300000 < ID < 400000 : produced at CERN
  3. process_type of generator meta information is used to define a sub-directory directory name after energy-machine_para.  In the case of generator directorydata,   the first element of process_type when separated splitted by "_" is used for the sub-directory name.  In other data type such as sim, rec, dst-merged, etc, process_type is used for the sub-directory name with some exceptions such as "np" samples where the same directory name as the generator directory is used. (Updated:2018-07-27)

Directory naming convention