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Impact of Beam-Gas Interactions in the IP region of


comment deadlinenote
TPCP-violating top quark couplings at future linear e+e- collidersW. Bernreuther et al.Daniel Jeans, Junping TianSeptember 21, 2017password protected




ILD papers in preparation

Type(Temporary) titlemain author(s)Reviewersnotes
TPFull simulation study of the process e+e-->bb at sqrt(s) = 250 GeV at the ILCS. Bilokin

K. Fujii,

M. Berggren

Paper draft being prepared.

Related arXiv note at

TPSensitivity to anomalous VVH couplings at the ILCT. Ogawa

I. Bozovic-Jelisavcic,

J. List

Draft by end 3/2019TP
Naturalness and light Higgsinos

S. Lehtinen,

T. Tanabe

D. Jeans,

A. Ishikawa

Draft by end 3/2019
Kinematic Edge Detection Using Finite Impulse Filters

M. Chera,

S. Caiazza

D. Jeans,

R. Ete

Draft coming soon
Comments on first draft sent to authors. Awaiting second draft (as of 2019/11/19)
TPHiggs decay into a muon pairS. Kawada

I. Bozovic-Jelisavcic,

F. Zarnecki

second draft with reviewers (since 2020/3/30)
TPSearch for low mass scalar particlesY. Wang

D. Jeans,

A. Ishikawa

Draft by

4-5/2019TPWIMP study with ILD DBD samplesM. Habermehl

F. Zarnecki,

T. Tanabe

Draft by end 3/2019

end 6/2019 ? not yet (as of 2019/11/19)