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Define integration of subdetectors as a coherent detector within the experimental hall.


  • CDICentral: C. Bourgeois, K. Buesser, R. Poeschl, Y. Sugimoto
  • Vertex & FTD: A. Besson, D. Moya, I. Vila, M.-A. Villarejo, M. Vos
  • TPC: P. Colas, V. Prahl
  • Calorimeters: M. Anduze, C. Ianigro, I. Laktineh, F. Sefkow, H. Videau
  • VFS: S. Schuwalow
  • Coil/Yoke: U. Schneekloth, R. Stromhagen
  • DAQ: M. Wing