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  • Papers: Papers published in the name of the ILD group, such as reviews, papers concerned with central aspects of the ILD detector, etc.
  • Topical papers with single / multiple authors, reporting results from specific studies, analyses etc which are based on ILD.
  • Internal ILD notes, which are not meant for publication, but which will be publicly available through the ILD Web page.
  • Conference proceedings, typically single author writeups of ILD related talks at conferences.


For papers and topical papers the PSB chair will install a two person review committee for the paper. The reviewers will interact with the authors to prepare a final draft. The final draft will be submitted to ILD for comments. At least a two week period should be allowed for comments. The reviewers can request that the new draft is again circulated to the collaboration. Before finalisation the paper must be presented to ILD in an open meeting.

For internal ILD notes a similar process is initiated. The PSB will assign one reviewer to discuss the paper with the author. Once agreement has been reached, the note will be distributed to ILD for a two weeks comment period. The reviewer will ensure that all comments are integrated into the note. The reviewer will release the note for publication on the ILD Web page.