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  • The PSB maintains a list of talks and posters given at major conferences in the ILD confluence.
  • For major LC events the PSB will coordinate the ILD contributions.
  • The PSB actively proposes and supports the submission of abstracts on ILD-related topics to conferences and workshops.

  • For invited talks the PSB nominates a speaker after consultation with the ET.
  • Institutions in the ILD group contribute a list of potential speakers to the PSB.
  • I If a member of the ILD group is personally invited to present ILD results at a conference, the person is asked to inform the PSB and request approval. This is usually granted as a matter of routine. However, the PSB reserves the right to intervene in exceptional cases and propose alternative speakers.

  • Slides for an oral presentation given on behalf of the ILD group should be available to ILD at least two working days in advance of the presentation.
  • In the case of poster presentation, the poster draft should be made available at least two working days in advance of printing.
  • The PSB arranges open rehearsal talks for presentations at important conferences, and announces them to ILD.