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Technical Proceedingsspeaker/presenterconferencetitle
Nicolas Thierry Fourches (Irfu/CEA)LCWS2021, virtualBeyond CMOS sensors : the DoTPiX pixel concept and technology for the International Linear Collider
Frederic  Magniette (LLR)VCI 2019

ILD Silicon­Tungsten Electromagnetic Calorimeter Full Scale Prototype

T. Pierre-Emile (LLR)CHEF 2017Dead zone analysis of ECAL barrel modules under static and dynamic load
J-C. Brient (LLR)CHEF 2017Impact on calorimeters design, due to ILC staging at 250 GeV center of mass
T. Suehara (Kyushu)CHEF 2017Performance study of SKIROC2/A ASIAC for ILD Si-W ECAL
V. Balagura (LLR)CHEF 2017Technical Instrumentation R&D for ILD ECAL large scale device