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E. Antonov, A. DrutskoyMeasurement of Br(H->Zγ) at the 250 GeV ILCaccepted by a journalarXiv:2212.07889
K. Goto, T. Suehara, T. Yoshioka, M. Kurata, H. Nagahara, Y. Nakashima, N. Takemura, M. IwasakiDevelopment of a Vertex Finding Algorithm using Recurrent Neural NetworkNucl. Instruments and Meth. A 1047 (2023) 167837arXiv:2101.11906
E. Antonov, A. Drutskoy

Measurement of σ(e+e− → HZ) × Br(H → ZZ∗) at the 250 GeV ILC

Phys. Rev. D 104 (2021) 093007arXiv:2108.08867
M. Berggren, S. Caiazza, M. Chera, J. ListKinematic Edge Detection Using Finite Impulse Response Filters

DESY 2020-233,

Nucl. Instruments and Meth. A 1010 (2021) 165555

S. Kawada, M. Berggren, J. List

Prospects of measuring the branching fraction of the Higgs boson decaying into muon pairs at the International Linear Collider

Eur. Phys. J. C80 (2020) 1186arxiv:2009.04340
IDRThe ILD concept groupInternational Large Detector: Interim Design ReportDESY 20-034, KEK 2019-57


M. Habermehl, M. Berggren, J. List

WIMP Dark Matter at the International Linear Collider

Phys. Rev. D101 (2020), 075053


Input to EPPSU2020The ILD concept groupThe ILD detector at the ILCDESY 19-215


H. Baer, M. Berggren, K. Fujii, J. List, S. Lehtinen, T. Tanabe, J. Yan

The ILC as a natural SUSY discovery machine and precision microscope: from light higgsinos to tests of unification

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D. Jeans and G. W. Wilson

Measuring the CP state of tau lepton pairs from Higgs decay at the ILC

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