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Example: How to check overlaps within GEANT4 with "/geometry/test/" (ToDo: update to ilcsoft_v01-19-04)

Code Block
Geant4UIManager  INFO  +++ Starting G4UIExecutive 'DDG4' of type csh....
Available UI session types: [ Qt, GAG, tcsh, csh ]
Idle> help         

Command directory path : /geometry/test/

Guidance :
Geometry verification control setup.
Helps in detecting possible overlapping regions.

 Sub-directories : 
 Commands : 
 1) tolerance * Define tolerance (in mm) by which overlaps reports
 2) verbosity * Specify if running in verbosity mode or not.
 3) resolution * Set the number of points on surface to be generated for
 4) recursion_start * Set the initial level in the geometry tree for recursion.
 5) recursion_depth * Set the depth in the geometry tree for recursion.
 6) maximum_errors * Set the maximum number of overlap errors to report
 7) run * Start running the recursive overlap check.

Idle> /geometry/test/run 
Running geometry overlaps check...


Current status: 
   No overlaps has been found by GEANT4 for ILD_l4_v02 in ilcsoft v01-19-03.p01
   No overlaps has been found by GEANT4 for ILD_s4_v02 in ilcsoft v01-19-04

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 Sensitive segmentation validation with hits map.