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Welcome to the Belle II wiki pages. Only the Belle II Public WebHome page can be viewed publicly without login. In order to access the Belle II Internal WebHome, users need credentials to login. Please refer to Belle II User Registration. 

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titleThe three most frequent user problems:
  1. Missed to change expiring password in time: Ask (NOT See FAQ.
  2. Wonder about and email addresses: Check your personal record in the Belle II Membership Management System (B2MMS).
  3. Want to change email address in The list is automatically generated from the B2MMS. Please change your home email address in the Belle II Membership Management System (B2MMS). This also applies for and


Please also refer to Maintenance Announcements .






As of 25 May 2018 the DESY Data Privacy Policy is mandatory due to regulations of the European Union.


We have created a top page Belle II Group Pages under which Belle II communities or groups may set up own pages.


Maintenance and trouble announcements for the DESY infrastructure incl. the ATLASSIAN tools are posted at . Please note that the time of day is given in CET resp. CEST.


Since January 2018 the Belle II Membership Management System (B2MMS) is the source for the Belle II members, authors, and voting lists! The collaboration Email list is exclusively generated from the B2MMS. See also the Belle II Registration and Account FAQ.

titleAuthor listing on Belle II papers

Refer to B2MMS User Data.

Dear Belle II colleagues,

As mentioned at the B2GM closeout session, it's necessary for you to confirm how you want your name to be listed on Belle II preprints and publications. The procedure for doing this is simple, takes < 5 minutes, and needs to be done only once (assuming your preference doesn't change). The steps are as follows, along with examples of how to list various names.

1) Log in to B2MMS at with your DESY credentials.
2) Click on “Show my record” in the upper left corner of the page.
3) Click on the magnifying glass icon at the left end of your record.
4) Click on the “Edit Values” checkbox at the top of the page.
5) Edit the default entry in the “Name in LaTeX” box according to your preference. (See rules below.)
6) Click on the “Update Data” button at the top right corner of the page.

Rules for the “Name in LaTeX” entry:

An author named Penelope Maria de la Garza might use P.~de~la~Garza [no middle initial]
  x  not Penelope~de~la~Garza [abbreviate first name]
  x  not P. de la Garza [use non-breaking space - the tilde - for each space to avoid a line break in the middle of your name]
  x  not P.~de~la~garza [capitalize first letter of surname]
  x  not P.~de~la~GARZA [do not capitalize entire surname]
  x  not P.~De~La~Garza [do not capitalize a nobility particle unless it is joined with the surname, e.g., DuPont]

An author named Aloysius Luigi Gonzaga might use A.~L.~Gonzaga [with middle initial]
An author named Hee-Young Park might use H.-Y.~Park [dash instead of tilde between first and middle initial]
For accented letters, use \v{c} or \'{e} or \`{a} or \"{u} or \c{c} etc.

best regards,

Leo Piilonen (L.~E.~Piilonen)                 Alan Schwartz (A.~J.~Schwartz)

Chair, Publications Committee               Chair, Belle II Institutional Board


Do you have already DESY credentials to login to the Belle II collaborative services? Try to login at the top right. If not, register at Belle II User Registration.

  • Belle II Support Contacts (login required)

  • Email: (for any question regarding the Belle II collaborative services incl. the B2MMS)
  • Email: questions regarding registration or account)
  • Email: (for questions regarding this wiki/confluence)

  • Email: (KEK account)

Becoming a Belle II Member and Getting Access to the Belle II Collaborative Services and Tools

In order to gain access to the DESY analysis facility (NAF)  consider Belle II Requesting Additional Resource Access (login required).

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