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  • Announcement
    • Status Raumbuch: Evgeny 
  • XFEL Project Progress Report
    • Immo Bahns: XFELO
  • AOB



  • 2 more projects added:
    • track large purchase request like magnets and power supplies
    • clean up the brand lasten still left over from the construction project at the median shafts
  • Evgeny: Raumbuch: status of return, and where and where not to expect a Raumbuch entries 
    • what about the installation prior to the shutdown 2025? to be discussed

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XFEL Project Progress Reports

Immo Bahns: XFELO

  • specs changed from 9 keV to 7 keV photon because of diamond availability 
  • updated schedule with 1/2 to 1 year delay compared to original planning
    • 1st beam: early 2024
    • still relies on a tight schedule
  • cabling is just local (not coming from outside)
  • vacuum cabling is already done 

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Next Meeting

  • next meeting: 13.02.2023
    • status update Raumbuch 
    • PPR: projects tbc