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Probably most of you already know it, but I wanted to point out a table in the schedule where you can find all details about the desired photon energies, pulse lengths etc. during the user runs. 

Please review the table relevant to your shift and get familiar with the requested setups. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me or the RCs. 

You can use the 'Schedule'-Link in the logbook to find the parameter table. The author is typically XO (X-ray operations) und der title of the entry looks like 'X-Ray Delivery table cw39/2022'. As you can imagine, cw39 stands here for calendar week 39. An example of such a table is shown below. 

There is a second table available for each user delivery week. Also these tables are available via the logbook and the entry titles look like: 'Operator Table (shift-by-shift) cw39/2022'. As the title suggests, this table is a bit more elaborated with more details for each shift. 

On the left you can see the an exemplary table for the delivery week 39. 

You can find there the involved experiments of the week (typically SASE2 and SASE3 instruments do not change, while the SASE1 instruments changes between day and night shifts). 

There is also the name and phone number of a contact person listet. 

Also important for operation is the information on requested photon energies and number of pulses at a given repetition rates. 

Last but not least you can check whether the experiments will be carried out in interleaved mode plus you get some additional comments in the last column. 

These tables are developed and checked for consistency in the weeks leading up to their validity in collaboration between the instrument-scientist, users, XO and MXL. 

All setups in these tables should be prepared at the beginning of the week. This applies especially to the different photon energies, but also e.g. to special pulse patterns.

Of course it can happen that one of the setups listet in the tables could not be prepared before. In such a case, the setup has to be prepared at the moment when the colleagues from the instrument ask of it for the first time. A detailed description on how to prepare a new, not prepared photon energy setup is described in the corresponding procedure

In case you get a request that is not listed in the table, please contact the RC in order to get information on how to proceed. 

Concerning the puls length I would like to add the following: We often setup the bunch pattern on Mondays with a reduced number of bunches on the last beam region (typically SASE1/3 in interleaved mode) and run the accelerator without the dump cleanup in order to have a constant number of bunches in the accelerator. 

This setting is then often present until one of the instruments asks for more bunches than possible at this time. In such a case, please adjust the number of bunches on the last beam region in the buch patter builder accordingly. The limit that you have to consider is the total pulse length of the gun. 

In case you are not sure how to proceed, please contact the RCs of you week.