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  1. Command to run the script:

    python -R <Runnumber> -H <Hdf path of the data> -M <name of the Molecule> -S. <Setting of the lasers 1. IR only 2. XUV only 3. IR-XUV both 4. all 5. background>
    Example:          python -R  21544 -H /asap3/flash/gpfs/bl1/2018/data/11003927/raw/hdf/online-2 -M fluorene -S . 3. 

    Multiple runs together can also be given in the form R1, R2, R3 for e.g. 21544,21550,21551 
    This should work. 

  2. Files needed to run the scripts.
    test.inp (an input file that contains information about the pathways of all the variables needed for the analysis, for e.g. the location of the TOF spectrum, the pump-probe delay (ppdelay) value, the BAM correction value in the ppdelay values, the FEL pulse energy, the FEL shutter path that tells when the FEL shutter was open or close and optical laser pulse energy. The minimum and maximum allowed values for the pulse energies to filter the data for specific pulse energy values.

    Thats it (smile)