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  •  Create single jDDD Panel for operators which shows everything needed and has a 4.5 MHz warning Nils Maris Lockmann
  •  check, and in best case solve, the limitation to 1024 resp. 2048 bunches Olaf Hensler
  •  Introduce Grating Transition Threshold in Formfactor Server. If transition is too large, reconstruction is not useful Olaf Hensler
  •  Zero reconstruction if no bunches or error (e.g. too little signal, grating threshold) Lars Froehlich
  •  Reconstruction for a list of fixed bunches  Lars Froehlich
  •  Add skew parameter as history value Lars Froehlich
  •  send profiles to DAQ and have a jDDD interface to view old DAQ data Olaf Hensler Lars Froehlich