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Start Raumbuch Collection:

  • Raumbuch template available here and on the Raumbuch sub page

    • download the template

    • fill in (rough) infrastructure requirements

    • send Raumbuch to  Evgueni Negodin

  •  Questions / Issues: contact Evgueni Negodin

  • all projects to initiate filling infrastructure requirements


  • to-do Project Responsibles to verify, and if necessary update and extend the Raumbuch Matrix
    • relevant are those project that have installations during the shutdown in 2024
      • installations before have to be dealt with individually
    • send updates to Winfried Decking, Riko Wichmann, Evgueni Negodin
    • and / or confirm completeness of the matching in the matrix
  • in the Raumbuch Matrix filters are available for project, XFEL OPs and infrastructure trades
    • filter on Projects: Which OPs shall provide the infrastructure requirements for each trade for a selected project ?
    • filter on Operation Package: For which project should I provide infrastructure requirements for the given trades?
    • filter on Infrastructure Trade: Which OP can provide the project infrastructure requirement for my trade?
  • To-do MXL with Infrastructure trades:
    • create Raumbuch template on Excel basis for the entire XS2024 shutdown work
    • define and give location identifiers (buildings, room numbers etc)
  • to fill the Raumbuch follow the simple process below

Simple Process for Infrastructure Requirement Definition

Gliffy Diagram
nameSimple Raumbuch Process