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This is the Confluence page of the Silicon Detector Interest Group Journal Club. Please grab one of the next open slots for presenting the paper of your choice!

Journal Club Meetings:


Every Friday at 15:30 CET/CEST.


Seminar Room 5, Building 1b.

  • October 7: Seminar Room 7a, Building 7
  • November 25: Seminar Room 7a, Building 7
  • January 27, 2023: Seminar Room 7a, Building 7

Zoom Coordinates:
Meeting ID: 820 0710 3428
Passcode: 299192

Meeting list:


DatePresenterPublication / PresentationLink to publication




03.02.2023Probably nobodyWhy Semiconductor Fabriation Plants are called Fabs and how it came to be
(Location: SR7)

STEREO neutrino spectrum of 235U fission rejects sterile neutrino hypothesis

Digital Pixel Test Structures implemented in a 65 nm CMOS process
13.01.2023Material Identification in Nuclear Waste Drums using Muon Scattering Tomography and Multivariate Analysis


DatePresenterPublication / PresentationLink to publication
23.12.2022Probably nobodyWhy It's Almost Christmas actually means There Will Be No Journal Club and how it came to be
16.12.2022Development of the “GP2” Detector: Modification of the PImMS CMOS Sensor for Energy Resolved Neutron Radiography

(Easy access version )

09.12.2022Large-Area SiPM Pixels (LASiPs): A cost-effective solution towards compact large SPECT cameras
02.12.2022Daniil Rastorguev A Semi-Monolithic Detector providing intrinsic DOI-encoding and sub-200 ps CRT TOF-Capabilities for Clinical PET Applications
(Location: SR7)
A Beam Monitor for Ion Beam Therapy based on HV-CMOS Pixel Detectors
18.11.2022Absolute measurement of the Fano factor using a Skipper-CCD
11.11.2022Hakan Lennart Olov Wennloef Pixel detector hybridisation with Anisotropic Conductive Films
04.11.2022Understanding the direct detection of charged particles with SiPMs
28.10.2022Improving the spatial resolution of silicon pixel detectors through sub-pixel cross-coupling
21.10.2022In-orbit radiation damage characterization of SiPMs in GRID-02 CubeSat detector
14.10.2022Submarine Navigation using Neutrinos
(Location: SR7)
PlomBOX -- development of a low-cost CMOS device for environmental monitoring
30.09.2022Daniil Rastorguev Charge and temporal characterisation of silicon sensors using a two-photon absorption laser

Updated Results of a Solid-State Sensor Irradiation Study for ILC Extreme Forward Calorimetry
16.09.2022Manuel Alejandro Del Rio Viera 

Smartphone-based measurements of the optical properties of snow
(Location: SR7)
A Compensated Design of the LGAD Gain Layer
02.09.2022Displacement Damage in Silicon Detectors for High Energy Physics
26.08.2022Sebastian OnderFirst Results for the pLGAD Sensor for Low-Penetrating Particles
19.08.2022Probably nobodyWhy Mountain Refuges are actually called Refuge and how it came to be
12.08.2022Picosecond Timing Resolution Measurements of Low Gain Avalanche Detectors
-- cancelled --
(Location: SR3)
Time Resolution of the 4H-SiC PIN Detector
22.07.2022Microchannel cooling for the LHCb VELO Upgrade I
15.07.2022Dohun Kim High-Voltage CMOS Active Pixel Sensor Chip With Counting Electronics for Beam Monitoring
08.07.2022Emily ThompsonPicosecond Avalanche Detector -- working principle and gain measurement with a proof-of-concept prototype
01.07.2022Simon Spannagel On the depletion behaviour of low-temperature covalently bonded silicon sensor diodes
24.06.2022Probably nobodyWhy BTTB is actually called BTTB and how it came to be
17.06.2022Self-heating Effect in Silicon-Photomultipliers
10.06.2022The MAPS foil
-- cancelled --
27.05.2022Probably nobodyWhy Brückentag is actually called Brückentag and how it came to be
20.05.2022New method for silicon sensor charge calibration using Compton scattering
13.05.2022Larissa MendesTiming performance of the Timepix4 front-end
06.05.2022Tip Avalanche Photodiode -- A new generation Silicon Photomultiplier based on non-planar technology
29.04.2022Radiation tolerant, thin, passive CMOS sensors read out with the RD53A chip
22.04.2022Chornobyl radiation spikes are not due to military vehicles disturbing soil
15.04.2022Probably nobodyWhy Good Friday is actually called Good Friday and how it became a public holiday

-- cancelled –
01.04.2022Daniil RastorguevQuality assessment of Cadmium Telluride as a detector material for multispectral medical imaging and why we are still far from actual multispectral medical imaging
25.03.20224H-Silicon Carbide as particle detector for high-intensity ion beams
18.03.2022First demonstration of in-beam performance of bent Monolithic Active Pixel Sensors
11.03.2022Direct detection of charged particles with SiPMs
01.01.1970SomeoneClassic Nintendo Games are (Computationally) Hard

Suggestions on Papers

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