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Code Block
[@max ~]$ xwhich crystfel

 No executable named crystfel found 
 License:       GPL-3.0

[@max ~]$ xwhich indexamajig

 Provided by module(s)
   ... module load maxwell crystfel/0.8.0; which indexamajig: /software/crystfel/0.8.0/bin/indexamajig
   ... module load maxwell crystfel/0.7.0; which indexamajig: /software/crystfel/0.8.0/bin/indexamajig
   ... module load tools/crystfel; which indexamajig: /opt/crystfel/bin/indexamajig
   ... module load crystfel; which indexamajig: /opt/crystfel/bin/indexamajig

# There are two different installations, an unversioned installation in /opt/crystfel and one supporting different versions, under /software/crystfel. We'd recommend using the latter installation:.
# both installation come with mosflm and optional utilities. mosflm might vary between different installations. 

[@max ~]% module avail
[@max ~]% module load maxwell crystfel
# if you need for any reason to use a specific mosflm version (check /software/mosflm for available versions):
export PATH=/software/mosflm/7.3.0:$PATH