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Project description:

Scrollpumps will be switched ON/OFF via a switchable 230V socket (design of Conrad - addLink) and dependend on the measured pressure.



Deadline: Unknown


Frank-Uwe Dill

Next to do

  •  Python program
  •  order pressure gauges for up to 1*10-3mbar

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Table of Contents

Conrads Switch Box

What the Python Program should do

Scroll pump can stop as soon as turbo pump is in a good range of pressure. Has to be switched on after a while. Individual periodes or pressure. Benefit ->Reduction of hours of operation of the Scroll Pumps

Stop the pump if pressure rises fast due to a broken capton window. Send an alarm.

Store the pressure over time (each minute?).

Show a graph online

What is used

at haspp01eh3

  •  Digital Output (/EH3/SIS3610/p01/register/eh3.out01)to switch on/off the 230V Box from Conrad
  • Analog Input (/EH3/TIP830u20/p01/adc/eh3.01)  for the ITR200 Gauge
  • both signals are connected to the VME crate in CH3 via Lemo