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  • to run a job according to WLCG Grid job requirements as a single core job (1 cores, 2GB memory, 20GB disk) or as a multi-core job (up to 8 cores, 16GB memory, 120GB disk)
    •  a single core job:
      • singularity run /cvmfs/ 
        # or
        singularity run --app 1core /cvmfs/
    • as a eight core job:
      • singularity run --app 8core /cvmfs/
  • and to create a configuration profile of your liking, first create the configuration files in the current directory with something like
    • singularity exec /path/to/this/image.d --cpu 4 -mem 10 --disk 25
      which would create a profile for a job, that will use up to 4 cores, 10GB memory and 25GB disk

    • and run the BOINC client on the just created configuration files with
      singularity exec /cvmfs/ boinc_clientclient --no_gui_rpc

Running in the background


nohup singularity run --app desktop /cvmfs/ > --no_gui_rpc > MyBOINC.log &

You can check the progress in the text file "MyBOINC.log