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Roll-out of new LLRF server

Commissioning of all piezo controls

Set-up and klystron HV adjustment (13 stations)

Radiation studies (A6, A19, A24)

Refine BB calibration procedure (studies using A16, A17)

Re-callibration of all stations

Establish high and moderate gradient work point (at full beam loading)

See also for more details.


check and update air coil tablesFB

check undulator axis movement with quad movers and air coilsWD, RK

check global undulator feedbacks, incl SA2 chicane operationRK

check SA3 procedures with changed undulator configuration (emty cell 13, filled cell 12)RC

perform eBBA and pBBAWD, LF

perform verical offset correctionLF

phase shifters in physical unitsLF, OH

commission tune-up beam stopsDN

orbit tests for XFEL0 set-upWD