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The first step is to register a new node to the network and to the configuration system.

For obtaining new nodes see Hardware for Linux


Your new node will need an

  • IP address. So you should know in which subnet you will go. 
    • You need the MAC address
    • IPv6 should be considered.
    • select hostname - naming rules (pcx number?)
  • DHCP Config. For the installation the node need needs the proper DHCP template.
    • biosLinux - The legacy template
    • uefiLinux - For the new hardware
    • template changes take some time to propagate

This information will be managed in QIP. If you don't have an account send a mail to

After QIP is done: select and register type of desktop (green, yellow): Machine registration - otherwise Hints for unsupported configurations


Your new node will be installed first installed and afterward configured afterwards. The information neccessary necessary to do this is managed in foreman. If you don't have an account send a mail to

The information you need

Start the installation/re-installation

To start the installation . You you need to set the node in "build" status on formanforeman. Afterwards start or reboot the node. If the node is configured to boot first from NET the installation should start automatically otherwise you have to configure network as first boot option.