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session / no. speakersnameaffiliation / contacttopics / fieldconfirmed

epitaxial thin films
and nano structures

3 external,
1 internal
1 backup

Ian FarrerUni. Sheffieldquantum dotsyes
Sergey's collaboratorUni Viennaelectro-chemistry thin film
Timo KuschelUni. Bielefeld

magnetic thin films by epitaxial methods

Tobias PohlmannUni. Osnabrueckin-situ deposition and thin film growthyes
Jan-Ingo FlegeBTU Cottbusepitaxial thin films & Nanoparticles
Ullrich PietschUni. Siegen

epitaxial nanowires

electronic functional thin films

3 external

1 internal
Alex CruzAmeloot group at KU Leuvenresearch on MOF films for dielectric applications
Susanne HoffmannResearch Center Juelichferroelectic and other functional electronic films / surface PDF
Martin RoelsgaardDESY / Aarhus Uni.gallium oxide thin films used as transparent conductive oxideyes
MvZ's collaboratorTU Dresdenorganic thin film for electronic application

soft matter
and biological interfaces

4 external,

1 internal

2 backup
Patrick HuberTU Hamburg-Harburgliquid crystal and confined liquid
Bridget Murphy

CAU Kiel

X-ray scattering on lipid monolayers; 


John Nagle

Carnegie Mellon Uni.

diffuse X-ray scattering on biomembrane systemsrejected
Chen ShenDESYX-ray scattering on biomembrane systemsyes
Tobias Unruh

University Erlangen-Nuremberg

X-ray and neutron scattering on soft mattersyes
Beate Kloesgen

University of Southern Denmark

X-ray and neutron scattering on biomembrane systemsyes unless the EU obligation
Markus Metzger
confined liquid

data analysis, theory and simulation

2 external

1 internal
Alexander GerlachUni.Tuebingenmachine learning for analysing reflectivity datayes
Robert Messner / Marko Linder
confined liquid / theory and simulation
Dan Wangguest scientist at DESY from Jan 2019confined liquid / theory and simulation