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Using the beam telescope and test beam infrastructure of DESY the material budget can be imaged: By integrating a material in the telescope, collecting data and reconstructing the scattering angle, the sample under test (SUT) can be 2D imaged in terms of position-dependent scattering angles. Furthermore, by using known material and one method radiation lengths - or the figure of merit thickness over radiation length (x/X0) - can be calibrated and used for unknown samples.


Caution: All below is under construction!

Step 1: Taking data

These is a brief summary out of experience.


  • Measurement settings and time:
    • high energy and high rate, for example 4 GeV
    • collimator settings
    • ~5 tracks per plane
    • ~1-2 kHz trigger rate
    • for analysis >1000 tracks per image cell to achieve a proper resolution

Step 2: Track and scattering angle reconstruction


Kalman filter approach.


to be continued


GBL approach