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As the .raw files are highly optimized for writing speed there are some issues which have to be taken care of which are also present in the nearOnline HDF5 files (e.g. missing/doubled events). For this we provide with BeamtimeDaqAccess an API which handles a lot of the occurring difficulties as knowing the file or DAQ instances. The BeamtimeDaqAccess library is written in Python, but a Matlab wrapper is available.



The offline HDF5 files containing complete DAQ runs will be put after the beamtime on the spectrum scale file system. Access is granted from the within the DESY network for beamtime participants or from the outside via Gamma portal. HDF-by-run files can processed with common tools, e.g. with Matlab or Python, as during the conversion a lot of discrepancies have been resolved. As .raw files are rarely used for analysis they are saved on the FLASH DAQ servers and will only be put on the spectrum scale file system on special request.