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  • physics:
    • define samples:  
      • DBD 
        + WIMP analysis samples (signal & background)?
        + Higgsinos? Jackies or Hales?
      • aa→2f for SGV processing?
      • how about 6f? Not generated for DBD at 250 GeV, but processes like WWZ and vvWW etc should in principle be open?
      • general purpose Bhabhas?
      • question from Daniel: status of tau polarisation in Whizard2 => can be checked on existing small test samples
        transverse tau polarisation: Akiya did some work, unclear status
    • Number of events for each processes.  Especially large Xsect. processes, such as 2f, 1f, 3f.
    • Radiative return to Z events. Generate separately or generate all process together.
    • Naming convention of whizard2 samples and directory structure → ok up to 4f, iterate 6f
  • general:
    • verify batch mode
    • set up 6f ?
  • ee: 
    • generate events
  • ea / ae / aa:
    • create lumi spectra  and z-position of vertex distributions
      • generate events
  • aa overlay : waiting fir Tim...
  • seeable pairs:  fine, possibly needs uploading to on Dirac


  • selection / adjustment of DD4HEP detector model
    • vertex detector?
    • validation!
    • probably use the existing ILD_l5_vo2
      • no validation needed
  • create ddsim steering / config files for 250 GeV 
  • z vertex distributions for ee / ea / ae / aa => Remi has put them in ILDConfig:
  • verify that photon cluster position effect is not due to cell geometry problem   => expected? Then calibration issue?
    • simulate full pairs     => ask Daniel             => tune BeamCal reco!
    • need to create BeamCal bg-map for large (and small) 250 GeV models
      • w/ and w/o anti-DID
      • for standard reco use same as for 500 GeV (w/ anti-DID ?)
  • simulate seeable pairs
  • simulate aa overlay
  • simulate single particles for calibration   => verify that LumiCal / LHCal are covered!