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The working group uses the mailing list "sc-bigdata at".

Big Data working group Kick-off 06 February 2019

The Data analytics working group started activities with a (virtual) kick-off meeting where three potential use cases have been proposed:

  1. Deep learning approach for water Cherenkov - presented by Akira Konaka (TRIUMF)

  2. Convergence issues in the nuclear many-body problem - presented by Michael Gennari (TRIUMF)
  3. Machine Learning Possibilities at TRIUMF-ISAC - presented by Olivier Shelbaya (TRIUMF)

See the WG Meeting page for upcoming events!

Proposed Projects

Project 1 - Particle identification in Water Cherenkov Detectors

Project 2 - Beam transport tuning and prognostics for (TRIUMF) accelerators

  • Predictive Maintenance project
  • Early stage

Project 3 -  Extrapolation of No-Core Shell Model calculations using Gaussian Processes

  • Generic problem of extrapolation for gaussian processes
  • Early stage


Project 4 - muSR automated analysis

  • ML approach for automated fitting of CMMS data
  • Early stage

Project 5 - NA62 particle ID

  • Combining 1D and 2D image-like data for extremely rate particle decays
  • Early stage

Call for Participation

We are seeking for colleagues - in particular from the Helmholtz side - who'd like to take an active part. Please get in touch with

  • Wojciech Fedorko "wfedorko at" and/or Frank Schluenzen "frank.schluenzen at" or

  • simply drop a message on the mailing list "sc-bigdata at".

To stay informed: subscribe to  the sc-bigdata mailing list: send a mail to sympa_ with subject "subscribe sc-bigdata" and no mail-text.