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Comment: updated meeting schedule


Each bi-weekly meeting has a physics focus which rotates among the three subgroups. It was decided, however, that until the current benchmark analyses are completed for the ILD Design Report (IDR) we will hold our Software and Analysis meetings weekly with no particular physics focus so as to finish up the IDR as scheduled.

The short-term schedule with physics focus is shown here

December  2January 13: chaired by Jenny List
December 9Frank Gaede
January 20: chaired by Daniel Jeans
December 16Jenny List
January 27: chaired by Keisuke Fujii


January 13February 3: chaired by Daniel Jeans
February 10: chaired by Frank Gaede
January 20Feburary 17: chaired by Jenny List
January 27February 24: chaired by Keisuke Fujii
March 3: chaired by Daniel Jeans

for the coming ~2 months period.