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Before running the detector,  some configurations might need to be changed depending on the use case.



specific module ( use disabling module 2 as an example here):

Specific module can be removed during initialization.

  1. In the corresponding yaml file which can found in Properties of LambdaCtrl tango server in Jive, one may comment out the module entry under detectors section, so that module will not connected by software.

    Comment out the following part in ctrlall.yml in /localdata/config

    Code Block
    titleDisable module 2
    - directory: Module_2018-005_Si # module 2
              port: 4321
            position: { x: 1.0, y: 1975.0, z: 0.0 }

  2. Remove the IP of the PC where this module is connected from slaves list in sync section

    Code Block
    slaves: [,,,,, 192.16
    8.138.94 ]  # IPs from haspp03lmbd01->06-eno1

  3. Remove "p03/lambdarecv/02" the Receivers property in LambdaCtrl tango server and remove that receiver too.
  4. Comment out the line which start the receiver tango server (ssh -n haspp03lmbd03 /usr/lib/tango/server/LambdaRecv m03 -v2 &) in

Change buffer size:

The buffer size decides how much RAM need to be reserved for receiver during data acquisition. This shows how many images can be taken for each acquisition. This can be checked by FreeBuffer attribute in the receiver tango server.