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The FLASH accelerator, beamlines and experiments are using the Distributed Object Oriented Control System ( DOOCSImage Modified). Beamline and experiment devices are mainly operated via graphical user interfaces created with the Java DOOCS Data Display ( jdddImage Modified) by the FLASH team or the users themself. Further it is provided a DOOCS client API in Java, Python, Matlab, C or C++ to the users to write own software for data access, online data or device control. User-provided devices can be run in parallel or can be implemented in DOOCS. For each beamline and accelerator is a dedicated electronic logbook available in which jddd and other software can print directly.


Use existing jddd panel provided by FLASH or use the jddd editor to create a new panel according to the user's own needs.

  jdddEditor.pngImage Modified


IT infrastructure

During a beamtime at FLASH we have two IT infrastructures each with different purpose. In the FLASH halls you have local machines which are used with functional accounts and they have access to the beamline files-system for your current experiment. For more demanding task we could also provide workstations which can be dedicated to a single user experiment. For offline and nearOnline analysis the Maxwell cluster for high performance computing is available. On the Maxwell cluster you have to work with personal accounts as this regulates data access to the core file-system.


A collection (Matlab [ scan tool , TOF & camera GUIs, others] / Juypter notebooks) for common use cases is available.