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The "Belle II-Theory Interface Platform" is a joint theory-experiment effort to study the potential impacts of the Belle II program.

We plan to organise meetings twice a year gathering theory experts and Belle II members, starting from June 2014 until the end of 2016.

One of the expected outcomes of the project is a "KEK Green Report", summarising all the important observables which will be measured at Belle II, their experimentally achievable precision and their impact on our understanding of the theory (Standard Model and New Physics). This report should also include a "milestones table" clarifying the targets for the first 5 to 10 ab-1 of data as well as for the final goal at 50 ab-1.

Table of golden modes ( link ).

B2TiP minutes/proceedings ( invenio )

This project is an official activity of Belle II, approved by the executive board of the Belle II Collaboration in February 2014.

Workshop Dates

The 2014 meetings will be held at KEK in June and November, as a satellite meeting of the Belle and Belle II General meetings. There is a possibility of holding one workshop in 2015 at an external location. Individual working groups may choose to hold additional meetings. Please register for the meetings on the linked indico pages.


B2TIP MeetingMeeting AgendaBelle (II) associated meetings
2014 June 16-17 @ KEKworkshop indicoB2GM June 18-21, BGM June 22-23
2014 October 30-31 @ KEK, merged with KEKFF October 28-29. @ KEKworkshop indicoB2GM November 3-6, BGM November 7-8
2015 February 23-25, New Physics WG @ KIT (Local organiser U. Nierste)workshop indico 
2015 April 27-29 @ Krakow (Local organiser A. Bozek)workshop indico 
2015 October 28-29 @ KEK, merged with KEKFF October 26-27 (Tokyo)workshop indicoBGM October 15-16, B2GM October 19-23
2015 November 9-10 @ PNNL, New physics & EWP WGsworkshop indico 
2016 February 22-24 @ LAL, New physics "Follow-up" meetingworkshop indico 
2016 May 23-25 @ Pittsburgh (local organiser V. Savinov)workshop indico Registration Open! 
2016 October/November, Editorial meeting @ MIAPP Munich  



Organising Commitee

Emi KouLAL
Phillip Urquijo (B2 Physics Coord.)Melbourne

Ex Officio

Hiroaki Aihara (B2 EB Chair)Tokyo
Thomas Browder (B2 Spokesperson)Hawaii
Marco Ciuchini (KEK FF Advisory)Rome
Thomas Mannel (KEK FF Advisory)Siegen

Report Editors

Christoph SchwandaHEPHY Vienna
Satoshi MishimaKEK-Theory

Advisory Committee

Tim GershonWarwick
Bostjan GolobIJS Ljubljana
Shoji HashimotoKEK
Francois Le DiberderLAL
Zoltan LigetiLBL
Hitoshi MurayamaIPMU
Matthias NeubertMainz
Yoshihide SakaiKEK
Junko ShigemitsuOhio