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... is responsible for the Seeds coordinates determination.

Hitmaker step

Goal :

  1. EUTelProcessorHitMaker - to convert coordinates of the clusters' hits from the local 2D frame of each telescope, DUT and CMSPixRef planes to the global 3D telescope frame (see p. 5.3.8 of the Thomas thesis). The local frame is a right-handed Cartesian frame counter-oriented with the beam direction z; the global frame is a right-handed Cartesian frame co-oriented with the beam direction z.
  2. EUTelPreAlign - finds the planes shifts by minimizing the residuals/difference between the cluster pixels' coordinates of each plane and the ref. plane (tel plane 0 by default) pixels' coordinates

Input: @LcioPath@/@FilePrefix@-merger.slcio - file containing the merged sparse and pulse collections; "GearXMLFile" value="@GearFilePath@/@GearFile@" - gear file containing the telescope geometry description.

Output: database

This processor


Thomas' codegit. ver

preAlign processor - Processor's src was fully changed via used methods modification, logic is the same though

#include "EUTelSparseCluster2Impl.h", #include <TrackerHitImpl2.h>

- these files don't exist in the current git. ver:

def. method is EUTelAPIXSparsePixel

#include "EUTelGeometryTelescopeGeoDescription.h"

def. method EUTelAPIXSparsePixel is EUTelGenericSparsePixel

CombinedHitMaker processor (its code was written by - has more functions, allows to calculate more parameters, but cannot be used due to lack of some src and header files in the new EUtel - contains 6 functions for definition and calling input parameters, ref hits definition/collection function,











Calculates the eta ditr.doesn't calculate eta distr.

uses Tel pulse collection as an input, but it's contained by zeros if one looks by dumpevent (question)

an idea for workaround is to use sparse collection instead and convert the hits coordinates (not only the seeds coordinates) from the local frame to the global frame.


CellIDEncoder<TrackerPulseImpl> outputEncoder(EUTELESCOPE::PULSEDEFAULTENCODING, filteredCollectionVec) - on the telescope clustering stage, it's exactly where the seeds coordinates are being filled to output pulse collections which are unfortunately being shown as zeros after dumpevent.