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  • Maximal memory buffer size: maximal frame number in the memory buffer
  • Mask pixels with NAN: store masked pixels as a float Not-A-Number (NAN)
  • Pixel masks with zero values: causes that zero pixel values of mask image are interpreted as masking
  • Keep original coordinates: causes the 2D-plot axes transforms with image transformation
  • Lazy image slider: plot a new image after the image slider is focused out
  • Aspect Ratio locked: sets the aspect ratio to 1:1 in the 2D-plot
  • Auto Down-Sample: turns on auto-down-sampling mode of pyqtgraph
  • Float type for intensity:  type to which intensity is converted if it is changed to float type
  • Accelerate memory buffer sum: speeds up calculation of an image sum for the memory buffer tool
  • Ranges and ROIs Colors: allows to defined colors of Ranges or ROIs selection frames. Colors are used cyclically