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  • Experiments are carried using beamline accounts, e.g. p99user
  • At the beginning of a beamtime, the storage space is initialised by beamline staff ( startBeamtime )
  • Data are written to the GPFS beamline file system from where they are transferred to the GPFS core file system.
  • During the transfer process ACLs are set according to the list of participants. This information is read from DOOR by startBeamtime.
  • At the end of a beamtime, the corresponding files on the beamline file system become unaccessible (stopBeamtime executed by beamline staff).
  • One week after the end of the beamtime, the first dCache copy of the data is created.
  • Data stay on the core file system for a certain period depending on the available disk capacity. Before they are deleted from core file system, a second tape copy is created. To stage data back to disk a request has to be submitted. 
  • Data download
    • Most users ftp-copy data to the home institute via the Gamma Portal. The authorization is based on DOOR credentials.
    • A second option is to copy data via Globus Online using Science Accounts.
  • Processing data (Science Accounts are needed)