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The whitelists are stored in separate folders for each beamline.

Choosing the file size

The DAQ writes into a file (in .raw format) up to a configurable value. If the limit is reached the file will be closed and a new file will be started. Thus a run can contain tens to hundreds of files.

The size can be configured to be 100 MB, 350 MB or 1000 MB (default)

Few things to consider (in case of doubt talk to the expert (Erland ...)):

  • 1000 MB: This is the standard setting which is best for archiving (few large files are preferred). However mainly for images that are saved with less than 10 Hz the HDF5 converter has problems with the large files. And for low data rates it may take upto half an hour to fill one 1GB file. Then smaller ones are also preferable.

Basically it is

Assigning the DAQ to the beamline in jddd