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General info

Journal clubs are on Tuesdays from 13 to 14 in Seminar Room 3 (building 1).

Feel free to suggest papers in the comments section. Note that you can also add attachments and comment on other people's suggestions.

Important: You need to login to see and add comments.

Spring/Summer semester 2019

Journal club 10-12-2019

  • Fabrizio del Monte (SISSA), TBA.

Journal club 03-12-2019

  • Jack Foster (Southampton University), TBA.

Journal club 26-11-2019

  • TBA: Francesco Galvano (Torino): Wilson loops in N=2 SuperConformal Field theories (Note that this seminar will be in Seminar room 07a) 

    Abstract: The partition function of a four dimensional N=2 Super Yang-Mills theory can be mapped to a matrix model on a sphere using supersymmetric localization. We write it in a superconformal case, playing with the matter content in different representations of the gauge group. In this set-up we compute the vacuum expectation value a 1/2 BPS Maldacena-Wilson loop and we mention possible holographic consequences of this achievement. Finally, we discuss how the localization approach in presence of Wilson loops can capture other interesting observables, such as chiral correlators and the stress tensor one point function, up to a geometry deformation.

Journal club 05-11-2019

  • Yuta Sekiguchi (U. Bern, AEC), TBA.

Journal club 29-10-2019

  • Till Bargheer.

Journal club 15-10-2019

Journal club 08-10-2019

Journal club 17-09-2019

Journal club 10-09-2019

Journal club 06-08-2019

Journal club 02-07-2019

Journal club 25-06-2019

Journal club 18-06-2019

  • Mikhail Isachenkov, Solving large N double-scaled SYK

    Abstract: I will review a method to evaluate correlation functions of certain statistical systems via chord diagrams and apply it to compute correlators in the double-scaled version of SYK model, in particular in its large N limit. The results are exact at all energies and allow to extract corrections to the maximal Lyapunov exponent. Time permitting, I will comment on the suggested relation of this model to a Hamiltonian reduction of quantum particle moving on the non-compact quantum group SU_q(1,1).

Journal club 11-06-2019

Journal club 04-06-2019 (cancelled)

Journal club 28-05-2019

Journal club 21-05-2019

Journal club 14-05-2019

Journal club 16-04-2019

Journal club 09-04-2019

Journal club 03-04-2019

Journal club 27-03-2019