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  • General Concept
  • Taking User data: Starting and stopping runs (Users)
    • DAQ control panel
    • Checklist for proper saving of the data
    • More infos on the tools to check the proper saving of the data
    • How to get the data out for analysis (short summary)
  • Setting up the DAQ - DAQ Run Control GUI (local contacts, FLASH stuff)
    • Configuring the DAQ
    • Configuring the DAQ monitor
    • Start and Stop a run
    • Load/Save the configuration
    • Assigning the DAQ to the beamline in jddd
    • Setting the logbook to print in / putting the Whitelist name in jddd
  • In case something goes wrong: Troubleshooting
    • No START or STOP buttons are visible in the DAQ control panel
    • The DAQ does not start a run
    • Data seems not properly saved
    • Restarting the DAQ
    • what else ???
    • Re-read the data base

Table of Contents

General Concept

A large number of parameters which are essential for ALL Experiments is continuously saved (pulse energy, arrival time, Beamline settings ...) in the PHOTONDIAGNOSTIC FLASH DAQ system.
Other experiment related information is ONLY saved by the users ON DEMAND in the FLASH DAQ system. To record this type of data we have 3 User DAQs at FLASH1 (FLASH1_USER1,FLASH1_USER2 and FLASH1_USER3) and one at FLASH 2 (FLASH2_USER1)
How to save this experiment related "User-Data" will be explained briefly in this page:


  • if the DAQ gets stuck in the starting or stopping procedure one can try to initialize the DAQ or in the worst case restart it.
    • to be able to restart the DAQ one has to run jddd on the flashlxuser1 or flashlxuser2 (up to now (Aug 2018) the restat on our consoles (cons0...12) is NOT possible yet frown ) : log in at one of these machines with your beamline account (e.g. bl1user or fl24user). Start jddd with the jFLASH command. Click on "Photons" -> Experimental Hall "Photons main panel"
    • The DAQ "expert" panel can be reached from the User DAQ control panel.

    • Then you see the following "DAQ expert panel":
    • first one may try the "all to INITIALIZE" button. it starts a script window and asks for the passwd (the beamline accounts (blxuser) should have the according rights. vuvfuser has it for sure. The script sets all subcomponents to initialize. It is helpful if one subcomponent got stuck.


  • If this does not help you have to "re-start DAQ". This completely restarts all processes and takes a while. A script window appears and shows what steps are actually done. At the end is sais: "Cleanup finished".


  • IF the DAQ still does not work properly the final option is the: "re-start DAQ (no RCSHM)". This button does the same as the "re-start DAQ" but the Run Controller shared memory is not re-stored. It means that after the DAQ is back no run configuration is selected.
    • in the jddd control the list of subsystems sais "empty"
    • in the RCGUI in the lower part it sais "RUN mode is not set"

    • one has to go to the "Run Modes" tab and select the run mode FLASH1_EXP by clicking on it !
      runmode_set.jpgImage Modified
    • then one has to go back to the Subsystems . now all subsystems are included.
    • finally you have to select your White list and start a run ...

  • If there are still components not working after the "re-start DAQ (no RCSHM)" you have to call the photon coordinator (4455) and pray ...