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  • disk space (Cannot use tape back-end anymore) => estimate need: ~200 TB
      => mc-opt3 currently is 600-700 TB => 1 detector model = 350 TB
    keep only 10% of REC files (but all SIM files) => 25% less ?
                     (hybrid simulation, reco only SiW + AHCAL)
  • Installation of DESY new disk ?
  • Save sim files of all events, but save REC files only for a fraction of events => implemented by Akiya
  • Required statistics : 2ab-1 for each channel?
    Estimate required disk space and CPU times for required statistics.
    → How about the large cross-section channel? (2f, 4f)
    → How about the 6f samples?
  • update production scripts
    • make sure whizard2 lcio file splitting works=> Confirmed(Akiya)
    • Update for new directory structure and file name conventions.
      → Revisit file name convention : "wizard2" as "w2"? 
      ==> (Akiya) Same as the previous productions. Namely no generator name in production files.
    • simulate aa_lowpt and seeable pair background files. Update scripts to 250 GeV background files.
      ==> (Akiya) Small number of background files will be produced with ILCSoft/ILDConfig v02-00-02, for validation.
  • Need small whizard2 samples of various process type for development of production scripts.
              ==> (Akiya) Small samples (2f, 4f, aa_2f, 3f/5f ) have been produced.  Modifying production scripts to adapt new naming convention.
  • Save tar-gzipped log files on tape directory.
  • File save location : DESY-SRM as primary and KEK-SRM as secondary, need to purchase  TAPEs at KEK.
  • BG samples situation


    Gen TDR

    Gen Set A


    Sim Set A



    Not yet (Tim)


    Not yet

    seeable pair


    Produced (Mikael)


    Not yet v02

    IP smear





    Nb of ExpBg

    AvailableNot yet

Solved issues (for new productions)