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The MZM temperature is or has been outside its predefined temperature window if the MZM temperature protection module is triggered. In this caseImage AddedImage Added

  1. Check monitoring → status supervision → temperature → optics (MZM)
  2. Observe value, target value and epsilon. Check the history of the actual temperature.
  3. If the temperature was just slowly drifting out of the predefined window you can adjust the target value (max 0.1K).
  4. If the deviation is larger check the temperature controller (modules → Meerstetter TEC)
    • Autoreset should reset the TEC in case of failures. Check the status flag and the history of the reset counter.
    • Open the Meerstetter TEC subpanel. Values with selected checkboxes should update periodically.
    • Temperature should be stable and the driver status should be running (monitoring tab, top right corner).
    • If not, try to manually reset the TEC (general control tab→ reset device).
  5. The last resort is a power cycle of the Meerstetter TEC via the FRED.Image AddedImage Added
    • Open a telnet connection as described in FRED operation.
    • Switch off the high power channel +15V (H),  "chanOff 2", then switch it back on with the "powerOn" command.
    • Close the telnet connection as described in FRED operation.
  6. Go back to step 4.